iStaff Solutions

Community Rehabilitation Provider

Empowering Our Consumers 

We realize that these skills, experiences and passion of our front line staff are the keys to our success.  While embracing, listening to, and collaborating with our clients’/community partners will sustain our success.  iStaff Solutions is a custom-driven organization, with all major decisions based on meeting the supported needs of our customers.  Our staff are informed and value helping our clients exceeded their goals.  We envision being that agency where customers feel confident that their goals will be achieved.

Professional Services


  • Workplace Accommodations
  • 󠄕Job Placement
  • Job Coaching
  • Supported Employment
  • Application/Resume Assistance
  • Thank You & Cover Letters
  • Mock Interviews & Interview Etiquette
  • Accompanying Clients – Interview Process
  • Self Advocacy & Informed Choice󠄕 Assist Students & Families with Transition – From High School to Training, Work Experience or Employment